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These are a few of my favourite things ........

Hello and welcome to the blog of the newly opened RetroEtCetero, an online shop selling within the UK where you will find a wide range of vintage, retro and modern items.

Here I plan to highlight the interesting, quirky and unusual that is available to purchase and show that vintage is best.

I thought, for my first post, I would show a few of my own favourite things.

It's just a coincidence that the first two items are frogs as I can't say I am a huge amphibian fan but who could resist these cute charmers.

First up is this zesty green polka dot frog; with a scouring pad strategically placed inside it's mouth it is not only useful but it makes me smile.

'What's for you won't go by you' and I couldn't believe it when I saw this characterful pottery frog just sitting on a table waiting for a buyer. It wasn't cheap but It really does have kerb appeal and sits, away from any harm, on the top kitchen shelf.

This large ginger jar might be relatively modern (and have a rather large multiple crack towards the top) but it is so decorative plus, due to the damage, it only cost me £1

This is my 'go to' vase as the shape of a ginger jar holds the flowers well, I just have to remember to keep the water level below the crack!

Last but certainly not least, deer are not just for Christmas!

Although the above photograph shows the brass stag and deer that I currently have listed I am the proud owner of the exact same pair.

The deer look so good on display, they can be arranged this way and that way as no way is the right way. Not far from the deer I also have a pair of elegant brass crane birds, more on those another time as I am all blogged out.

Thanks for reading .... if anyone has :)

9th October 2021

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